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Forbidden Light arrives with powerful new cards!

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The latest Pokémon expansion Forbidden Light is here! This Sun & Moon series expansion features over 140 new cards including 8 amazing new Pokémon-GX and 5 new Prism Star cards! Ultra Beasts including Ultra Necrozma-GX and Naganadel-GX debute with hard hitting attacks and new strategies that could be a real game changer! To see a full list of exciting new cards from this expansion, click the image above!


New powerful Prism Star cards are introduced with this expansion! These cards can be so powerful that only 1 Prism card of the same name can be used in your deck. You can use multiple Prism cards but only if they have different names. If a Prism card should be discarded, it is placed in the Lost Zone instead. Check out all the new Prism cards by clicking the image above!


The latest Pokémon expansion brings 2 new theme decks and a new Elite Trainer Box! Trainers can use the help of Exeggutor in the Tropical Takedown theme deck or Lycanroc in Twilight Rogue theme deck to power their way to victory! The new Forbidden Light Elite Trainer Box is a fantastic addition to any trainer wanting to jump in to the latest expansion and have some neat Forbidden Light collectibles! Both the new Elite Trainer Box & the new theme decks include special code cards to enhance your Pokémon Trading Card Game Online collection! Find out more information by clicking the image above!



The Pokémon Center has 2 new premium collections added with never before seen promos and collectibles! Be sure to checkout the new Pokémon TCG: Dusk Mane Necrozma Premium Collection and Pokémon TCG: Dawn Wings Necrozma Premium Collection by clicking the image above! These new collections feature Necromza collectibles and promos that are sure to find a featured spot in any collection! Each collection comes with a special code you can use on your Pokémon Trading Card Game Online account!

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