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Match challenge thread 2-With holo rare prizes


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Here is what happens:




> Post here, then challnge me to a match (you do not have to be good to enter)




> If you win you will join me in the championship draw.




> Once we get to 10 people(about) who have beaten me in a match we will start a league where we all play each other to see who wins, the winner will then be declared to ultimate champion and win two holo rares from my collection.




You will be able to play me at any time within the next hour, or at another time when we are both on, as I go online every day of the week, this tournament is open to both newbies and professionals.






Once you have joined and said you want to play now then go to the novice game section (generally less people go here ) and hope we play each other, if not just concede and then and try again, if you want time to fix your deck before the game tell me and you can.






Currently still to play me:




RawlsWortotle-still to play




richguy- still to play




<strike>Satic Draco </strike>I won




<strike>Gearo 234</strike>-I won


Wingless256- still have to play




hardcOre- still have to play


the blue flame-still to play


<strike>burnttt</strike> I won


cschung-stillt to play


pun1sh3r-still to play


lillenswe-still to play




If you have any enquires about the rules post here too.




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Holo rares that Could be won each line has a set of cards or one card (dependant on rarity) that could be won




2 X Aggron lines + 2 X Drapion lines




1 X Manaphy




3 X Hitmontop




2 X Sudowoodo




A full Ho-Oh Legend




1 X Reuniclus line




1 X Reuniclus (shiny) line




1 X Collector (not holo)




These are the eight combinations of cards which are winnable when I draw an option out of my hat at random for the competition winner.




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