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Trading my cards for your cards or packs


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I don't really trade at all, so I've only got vague ideas at what some of these are worth from looking at other threads. Make offers for any of this stuff, but I'll probably take some time to look around the forums before accepting any offers to know I'm not getting completely ripped off.




Holo Rares & Higher:


Ho-Oh (CL 9)


Reshiram (non-FA) (BW 26)


Typhlosion Prime (HS 110)


Zekrom (FA) (BW 114)


Reuniclus (BW 57)


Donphan Prime (HS107)


Krookodile (BW 65)


Zoroark (BW 71)


Blissey Prime (HS 106)


Bellosom (UD 01)


Houndoom Prime (UD 82)


Slowking (HS 12)


Alph Lithograph (UD THREE)


Also have 2 Darkness Energies and 2 Metal Energies




Didn't bother going through my whole collection, so if there's anything else you're after, ask and I'll see if I have it.


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