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Feedback about both the TCGO and TCG... about a coin :D


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Hello everyone!


TL;DR: I would at least like to make my plea here heard. Please, Pokémon TCG Online: make accessories more accessible online. Please. No matter which cards I have, without the proper accessories everything just feels really incomplete to me.


So... I was not sure where to put this. But here it is. If you want me to put this in some other subforum, I'll do that. This covers 2 topics at once...


Feedback to the PTCGO: make it easier to get a better variety of gameplay accessories please. I beg of you.


I can buy theme decks in the shop or with real money, but I cannot use their deck boxes in other decks than the actual theme decks.

I can buy the currently-in-the-shop starter accessories (which I did), but there's really limited choices with only those Kanto starters.

I can buy Pokémon TCG accessories someplace else, but not use those with the TCG (like the whole Eevee Ultra Pro set I bought... it is not official so can't use those beautiful non-silhouette Eevee accessories online)

I cannot buy any previously available accessories just because I am 'late to the party', however I also cannot trade for most - and of course, the one(s) I want most cannot be traded for...


I suggest to put more gameplay Items into the shop. If we spend our hard-earned coins on those instead of cards, we are also more likely to buy boosters physically, which would be a win-win in a way.


Currently it is so hard to get an accessory you want. Pretty much just impossible. Why? Why? They are accessories. Not the most precious cards in the game (which are easier to get than 'mere' accessories for some reason).


I like customization in any game and this is no exception. Now that I have something I really wanted for my physical cards (the Eevee sleeves/binder/deck box), I cannot use the same thing, nor something similar in the Online game? Just... why? I'd gladly pay many coins for the accessories I want. I buy booster boxes and such with real money anyway.


The ones I want the most are the Eeveelutions accessories (most of all Sylveon, whom is my favorite Pokémon since gen6). Why is there such a lack of variety in the gameplay shop? I never understood limited cosmetics. Especially limited cosmetics that you cannot trade or pay for. It makes no sense to me. Perhaps someone can explain why this is a thing? I would at least REALLY like to see this changed.


This brings me to my next topic/question and it is more about the physical game (and still sort of the TCGO as well):


Does anyone know why on earth the Sylveon Theme Deck Enchanting Echo has a Lucario coin? Seriously, it does. I bought this deck, which was hard to find, for 85 euros because I wanted it so bad. Did not check what was in there beforehand, because I like to be surprised. And oh, boy... what a surprise. It contained Leafeon (amazing! Really happy about that) but also... a Lucario coin? Why? There is not even a Lucario in the deck.


I'm sorry for Lucario fans, but I really do not care about him at all. If I buy a Sylveon Theme deck, I think a Sylveon coin would be appropriate? That's what I really wanted. And expected. 

Why is there a Lucario coin, if he is not even a part of that deck at all? Sylveon Theme? Yeah... not really then. 


Does anyone know why they would put a coin of a very different Pokémon in there? I mean, I have a Garchomp deck with a Garchomp coin. I have a Fennekin deck with a Fennekin coin. I have an Alolan Ninetales deck with an Alolan Ninetales coin. I have a Lycanroc deck with a Lycanroc coin.... and now my Sylveon deck, the one I wanted the most of all... has a Lucario coin. I don't comprehend this.


So... I ordered a metal coin from somewhere in Japan just to get a Sylveon coin, but the same problem as with the Eevee accessories arrises there: I cannot use this coin online. So online I'm stuck using any non-Sylveon coin as well. I don't get why that should be necessary in any way. I'm fine using my Alolan Ninetales coin, as it's really pretty and also one of my absolute favorite Pokémon, but... but Sylveon.... :(


Does anyone know of a deck that DOES contain a Sylveon coin? As far as I can see, none of those exist. The reason for this rant/feedback/question wall of text is likely clear: I NEED ME Sylveon accessories and there is no way for me to get them. Even an official Sylveon Theme deck does not contain a Sylveon coin and the deck box for it cannot be used with deck I make myself.


I would love some answers, although I do not really think anyone knows the reasons for these things.


I would at least like to make my plea here heard. Please, Pokémon TCG Online: make accessories more accessible online. Please. No matter which cards I have, without the proper accessories everything just feels really incomplete to me.


Thank you for your attention, sorry for this huge wall. All the best and have a very nice Sunday,



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