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Packs or cards welcome


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Machamp prime x 2


Donphan prime


Gengar prime


Magnezone prime






NEW!!! Jumpluff line (3-2-2), <strike>Reshiarm (reverse foil/Full art)</strike>


Shaymin, Full art thundurus, CInccino, Seperior, tyrogue, celebi (ability), rare pikachu (115/114), roserade,






Double colourless energy x 3, rescue energy x 4, rainbow energy




Trainers and supporters: (e.g. collector, rare candy, catcher)


For more, please see






These are only the popular ones, If the card you are looking for is not here, please let me know.






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Your mew prime for:




Offer 1: Gengar prime + Red Gyarados


Offer 2: Scizor prime + Beartic Sheer Cold


Offer 3: Amboar (ability holo) + celebi prime


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@greciandelts: not sure, but i don't have trouble trading my machamp p


@XenoxTCG: sadly, it's in my deck now (I just found my 3rd mew)


@tyranitar20: try hard, but not enough. at least have to include few playable prime or ultra rares (e.g. ability emboar)


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Have (NEW!!!)


Jumpluff line (3-2-2), <strike>Reshiarm (shiny/Full art)- only 1 spare choose between holo and full art</strike>


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@dnguyen: no sorry


Have (updated):


raichu (iron tail), metagross (ability), dodrio, weavile,zoroark (foul play)


pokemon communication, max potion, junk arms, seekers


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Main supporters


Pokemon Collectors x 3 (2 packs each)


Judges x 2 (0.5 packs each)


Oak x 2 (0.5 packs each)




Main trainers


Rare candy x 4 (4 packs each)


Pokemon catcher x 4 (3.5 packs each)


Double colourless energy x 3 (2 packs each)


Super sccop up x 4 (0.5 packs each)


Dual ball (0.5 packs each)






Prof Elm x 1


Interview's Question x 3


Engineer's Adjustment x 2


Max potion x 1


Junk arm x 1


Rescue energy, rainbow energy


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Ampharos Prime, Aggron, and the Sharpedo line for Donphan?


EDIT: Srry, didnt see your post. Celibi Prime, Aggron, and Sharpedo line?


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