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Another Trading Thread, need some things bad...


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A few things, first off I do not under any circumstances what any Fighting Type Pokemon Cards, I don't like them & have no use for them...second, just cause I want to hold on to something on the Collection's list doesn't mean I am not willing to part with it if the offer is good enough & lastly third, I do not value the rarity of any cards except under very rare circumstances as they all play the same in the TCG, I am not exactly a collector, enough said, now...



I am on at times after noon so don't bother offering me anything before noon following "(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)" at which point I am usually on all day until mantinence which for where I am is at 04:00AM, not 01:00AM...






Wanted List<b>




Ninetales (Poke-Power) (only 1)


Ninetales (Basic Red Version) (only 1)


Reshiram (ANY 1 of them)


Houndoom Prime


Meganium Prime


Typhlosion Prime


Tangela (only 1)




Pikachu (Tail Slap / Quick Attack)


Vulpix (Fireworks) (only 1)


Houndour (Sharp Fang) (only 1)


Alomomola (Water Pulse / Hydro Pump)


Audino (with 2 attacks) (only 1)


Magmar (Eruption / Combustion)


Magmortar (Top Burner / Burst Punch)


Pidgey (flying art) (only 1)










Pokemon Catcher


Rare Candy


Flower Shop Lady (only 1)








Darkness Energy (only 1)


Double Colorless Energy










Alomomola (Water Pulse / Hydro Pump)<i>




Pokemon Communication




Sigilyph (Quick Turn / Psychic Assault)


Great Ball (x2)


Pikachu (Tail Slap / Quick Attack) (Basic Yellow Version)


Cheerleader's Cheer


Skuntank (1 Holo + 1 non Holo)


Vulpix (Fireworks) (x3)


<i>Skorupi</i> (x2)


Beldum (Steel Type)


Emcee's Chatter


Houndour (Sharp Fang) (x3)


Raichu (Basic Yellow Version)


Pineco (1 of each of the 3 Versions but none are Holo)<i>




Misdreavus (Sharpshooting) (Mumble / Dual Draw)


Murkrow (Astonish (x2)) (Glide / Dark Cutter (Holo))<i>








Unown (DARK)


Vaporeon (Basic Blue Version)


Combee (1 Holo & 2 non Holo)


Eevee (Basic Deck Version(x5)) (Call for Family / Tickle (x3))




Lairon (Scrap Attack / Tackle)


Slowpoke (Rambunctious Party / Rain Splash) (x2)


Energy Exchanger (x2)


Mawile (Facing forward art (x2)) (Facing backwards art)<i>




Flower Shop Lady


Team Rocket's Trickery (x2)




Tangrowth (x2)


Magmar (Eruption / Cumbustion)




Rescue Energy (x2)


Typhlosion (Booster Version)


Jolteon (Charging forward art (x2))






Hitmonlee (Ascending art)




Bayleef (Booster Version)




Chikorita (Nap / Reckless Charge) (x2)


Tangela (x3)


Flareon (Booster Version)


Mime Jr.


Darkness Energy (x3)


Teddiursa (Fake Tears)


Prof. Elm's Training Method (x2)


Dual Ball (Booster Version)




Altaria (Holo)


Houndoom (1 Holo for the art with it not running)


Haunter (Holo)


Hoothoot (Basic Green Version) (Holo)


Honchkrow (Whirlwind / Blindside) (Holo)


Slugma (x2)<i>




Interviewer's Questions (Holo)


Magmar (Eruption / Combustion)


Magmortar (Top Burner / Burst Punch)


Pidgey (x3) (flying art)


Pidgeotto (x2) (flying art)


Skorupi (x2)


Pidgeot (x2) (flying art)


Audino (with 2 attacks)






Bold Wanted = means that I REALLY NEED THAT CARD...


Italic Wanted = means that I don't really need it that bad...


Bold Collection = means I am not as generours regarding offers for them as I use them in a deck so if you want them you need to get my attention with your offer...


Italic Collection = means that I really don't need that card & am more then willing to trade it away in comparison to the other cards...<b>






Anywho, that's enough of that, offers?...


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Ok but what do you want for them exactly?...




Oh & I prefer to do public offers but I can do binder offers too, just give me the heads up...


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@ Cathallex = Sorry, don't have any boosters or even any Primes...


@ coolguy2400 = Seriously, thank you for the Ninetales teeth_smile.png I needed it badly...


@ dnguyen9 = Sorry, that's the main reason I would even need a Rainbow Energy to begin with...


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I'd love to be generous but there isn't really anything you have that i want, if you do manage to get your hands on a pack or a prime just post here and i'll trade you.


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@ Cathallex = Understood, I'm thinking of getting some next week, hopefully...


@ coolguy2400 = It's back up now, hate when it does that...


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Combee, Vesipqueen, Tangela (x2), Flower Shop Lady, and Darknes Energy for Gyrados?



I only need 1 Tangela but I will take both of them as it will help me out, offer excepted, when you are online just go to my binder to make the offer...


@ XenonTCG = Do you have anything else at all to offer for the Rainbow Energy?...


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