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What's your current team?


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I'm currently using a team that consists of Charizard X, Naganadel and Latias. 


My Latias is carrying a weakness policy, which works out really well for her considering all of her weaknesses, and runs calm mind, dragon pulse, psychic and recover.


My Naganadel has focus sash, fire blast, dragon pulse (to be replaced with draco meteor) and nasty plot. Not the most original set, but it works. 


My Charizard obviously has a Charizardite X because this is a monotype Dragon team. A personal rule for me is to only use dragons. I have my own reasons, but mainly it's because I want to win with my favorite type and prove to myself that it can be done, even against teams without such restrictions. He carries Dragon Claw, Roost, Flare Blitz and Swords Dance. He is the cornerstone of my team, and in order to make my team truly mono type, I always send him out first, and mega evolve him on the first turn.


My highest record in the battle tree so far is 49 wins in a row, and I am working to get even further! So tell me, what is your current team, and why? On a side note, do you have a favorite type that you like to battle with the most, or even exclusively, like me? 


To anyone who is worried about the possibility that I am limiting myself, truly, you can rest assured that I prefer it this way. I may try multi typed Pokemon teams sometimes in the future, but for now, it's Dragons only for me. :) I will always either exclusively use or heavily lean toward my Dragons! 


I may also try a Dragon egg group only team as well if I feel like using Gyarados and others as well. Y'know, the ones that should be Dragon type.

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I applaud your dragon only team. I sometimes like to RP as a gym leader and pick a type and stick with it the whole game. 

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