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Rate my lost disruption deck.. feedback welcome :)


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I call this deck - Soul Eater[/b]




3 Gengar prime


2 Haunter


2 Gastly


2 Mew


2 Mime Jr.


2 Mr. Mime


2 Sneasel


2 Weavel


2 Slowpoke (w/ rambunctious party)


2 Slowking (regular)


21 total






3 Crushing Hammer


2 Lost Remover


3 Pokemon Communicator


2 Rare Candy




3 Cheren


2 Pokemon Collector


3 Seeker


3 Twins




2 Lost Zone


23 Total




4 Special Dark


2 Rescue


10 Psychic


16 Total




The point of this deck is not to deal damage and collect prize cards but to try and get six of the opponents pokemon into the lost zone. I use Gengar and Mew as my main attackers and bench everybody else. I use Slowking's Second Sight to take controle of the opponent's draw and Weavil's Claw Snag to discard any cards that may be of importance to the other player. Mime Jr. also works well with Slowking in order to make sure the card I am sending to the lost zone is a pokemon. Mr. Mime allows me to see the opponent's hand to make sure they have pokemon to send to the lost zone. I run 3 Twins because I will almost always be behind on prize cards. Although if it comes down to it Weavile, Gengar & Mew are able to attack & get me prizes if need be.


So what do you think?






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Glad we got a chance to play XD


I still think I would have won if you didn't run out of time because i had already removed 1 energy from gengar so you could only send golduck or psyduck to lost zone and Grind was incoming for the KO. Very good game though, that's a prime example of how even when the chips are down lostgar can always make a comeback.


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That was a good game, you would have won even without the time, I was lagging real bad. I could have done a few things different.. I wasn't really focused.. just got done doing a bunch of spanish homework & I had a brain fart. lol I know "excuses, excuses". I sent you a friend request by the way.


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lol, well that's actually the benifit of this forum. I can give you a few suggestions, like working in some pokemon catchers (or pokemon reversal), and switch. switch will help alot, like if someone pulls out slowking with 0 energy, sleep, etc. pretty much any toxistall deck is going to give you alot of difficulty right now.


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Yea I might lose the hammers & go for switch. I like the idea of the hammers but it would be way better if you didn't have to flip a coin. i have a feeling they will release a more powerful version of it like that soon. I pretty much traded everything I had that was worth anything to make this deck so getting catchers is a little difficult at this point.


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Pretty nice deck, though there are a few things bugging me a bit:


2 Gastly? Since you have 3 Gengar Prime, it'd be best to bump this up to 3, at or maybe 4 (because this is a fast format where Donphan and Yanmega kill stuf before it evolves). At least have 3 though. 2 is just not enough.


2 Collector. Your deck is one that has a load of different Pokémon and lines. While this IS clunky, you have Twins to set up so that kinda balances that out. But you really need 4 Collector for this kind of deck. With just 2 Gastly and 2 Collector, you'll be relying on Twins to get your basics (lol!). If you can't get your Mew LZing something T1, there's a risk of not being able to ever use Mew. This format is ALL about setting up and Collector just screams set up.


So, what do you take out? Well, to be honest, I'd take out those Dark Energies. Weavile isn't a solid attacker and while it can take out Cleffa and other babies, Gengar does just that and also LZ's them.


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