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Trading cards for packs!


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1x RF Shaymin


1x FA Tornadus


2x Cleffa


1x PDL Legend


1x KGL Bot


1x Feraligator P


4x Klingklang


1x Nidoking


5x Nidoqueen


1x and 1x RF Venemoth


1x Sunflora


1x Victorebell


1x Lefeon


2x Golduck


<strike>1x Lugia</strike>


2x Elekid


2x Magby


4x Mime Jr


1x Tyrogue


1x Ditto


3x Dragonite


1x Do the Wave Cinccino


1x Smeargle


4x Zangoose


1x Beedrill


3x Sawk (the good one)




Make an offer!




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i dont have packs


but i can give you 2 packs worth of cards for the lugia


i have the lower half of the dialga palkia legend and can give you other cards


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