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[COLLECTION] general - Trade Lock on Cards Remains After Trade Expiry


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Hello. Small one and I did not see anything recent on it. Unsure if intentional or not.


Server Version:
Client Version:


Setup: A card is on public offer (and is normally trade locked while on offer). The trade now expires while user is online.


Expected Action: The cards of the expired trade change back to trade-able once trade expires.


What Happens: The card remains trade locked.


Repeatable?: TBD, I have a trade that expires in one hour that I will be testing this with. Specifically, this was first done with Reverse Foil Metal Energies (Evolutions Print). Update: This occurs when you do receive the message for "posting expired" until you reopen PTCGO. Can happen when you trade expires while in a game.


Workaround: Upon closing the browser and restarting Pokemon TCG Online, the cards originally mismarked trade locked will be marked tradeable.


I tried looking it up, but did not find anything on the matter. If intentional, I am assuming this is bot-prevention feature? I will update post in an hour with a check on if this is repeatable.

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Hello trainer,


Were you able to replicate the issue?

Please document it with screenshot and reach out to our support team. The link is in my signature.


I edited the title of your thread to match the format used in this subforum.

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