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Selling 3 Catchers!


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I have 3 Pokémon Catchers that I'm trading, here are a few cards I want, along with how much of a catcher they're worth.


Gothitelle w/ Ability (4/6 catcher)


Reuniclus (2/6 catcher)


Max Potion (1/6 catcher)


Reshiram or Zekrom (5/6 catcher)


top Dialga & Palkia LEGEND (1/6 catcher)


If you can't fill up those last few spots just add in playables that you think will cover it up.


I will also sell catcher for packs, I prefer in order UL, EP, HS, and TM. If you have credits, ask me what I want.




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I know this is a silly question, but I am interested in a catcher or two but I don't have anything on your list.


I do have a couple of good cards though (Like Magnezone Primes), but if you are only looking for cards on your list, that's cool too


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