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[Standard] Mewtwo-GX and Lunala-GX

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Hey everyone, i'm trying to make a good Mewtwo-GX and Lunala-GX deck with only sun and moon cards. The reason is that i am pretty sure that the next rotation will exclude XY cards and that i now have the ressources ($$$) to buy some cards so i want to run my deck even after the rotation.


Pokémon (16):

2 Cosmog

1 Cosmoem

2 Lunala-GX

2 Inkay (FLI)

2 Malamar (FLI)

4 Mewtwo-GX

1 Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX

1 Shining Mew

1 Lunala Prism


Trainer Cards (32):

4 Cynthia

4 Lillie

1 Brigette****

2 Acerola

2 Guzma

2 Rare Candy

4 Mysterious Treasure

2 Max Elixir****

3 Choice Band

2 Field Blower

3 Max Potion

3 Altar of the Moone


Energy (12):

12 Psychic energy


I still have a Brigette and 2 Max Elixirs in it but i'm looking to swap them. Do you guys have any idea of SuMo cards to add or to remove?


Thanks a lot!

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The entire lunala evolution line needs to go it is quiet vulnerable to zoroark gx replace it with a 4x4 line of inkay and malamars for bench acceleration and maybe another shining mew. chimecho from ultra prism has a nice attack it does only 10 damage for one psychic energy but stops your opponent from playing pokemon with abilities from their hand. So no evolving into zoroark gx or playing a tapu lele gx to pull out a supporter and no vikavolt for tapu bulu gx no easy magnezone for turbo metals so many possibilities ! You need tapu lele gx in this deck pokemon fan club got a reprint so it will stick around after rotation to provide a substitute for Bridgett maybe even a 1x1 line energy evolution eevee and espeon gx other cards to think about are ultra necrozma gx from forbidden light regular necrozma gx and its prismatic burst is really good and nihilego gx and don't forget naganadle gx from forbidden light too !

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