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Trading cards for cards or packs~


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A little bit more updated list, with stuff being most played atm, and some good cards. Mostly looking for packs, but maybe trading for some cards if I really like the offer.




Yanmega Prime (7 packs)


Donphan Prime ( 5 packs)


Typhlosion Prime ( 3 packs)


Terrakion FA ( 3 packs)


Cobalion NV( 2 1/2 packs)


Leavany NV ( 2 packs)


Haxorus (2 packs)


Emboar A (3 packs)


Ninetales -Roast Reveal- ( 2 packs)


Jumpluff ( 1 pack)


Tyrogue (1 pack)


Pichu ( 1 pack)


Nidoking ( 1/2 pack)


Gyarados ( 1/2 pack)


Victreebell ( 1/2 pack)


Sharpedo ( 1/2 pack)


Excadrill (Drill Run 1/2 pack)


Zoroark EP (1/2 pack)




Double Colorless Energy (2 packs)


Junk Arm (1/2 pack)


Pokegear (1/2 pack)


Foil Twins (1 Pack)


Twins ( 1/2 pack)




Packs (Mostly NV please)


I have more cards but in my decks atm.


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I sent you a trade offer, since seems like you could see nothing in my binder, but you had packs in yours. So, thanks a lot!


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