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Trading RR Lele Gx LF RA Lele Gx + Pack Difference


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As title says, I am looking for a RA Lele Gx to replace my RR lele Gx and I'm looking for the pack difference in a mix of or purely:

Guardians Rising @ 1.00 value

Sun and Moon Base @ 0.50 Value

Ultra Prism @ 0.50 Value

Burning Shadows @ 0.50 Value

Plasma Freeze @ 2.00 Value

Plasma Blast @ 1.00 Value

Undaunted @ 1.00 Value

Unleashed @ 1.00 Value

Triumphant @ 3.00 Value

HGSS Base @ 2.00 Value

Call of Legends @ 2.00 Value


I value RR Lele Gx as being 8 Packs more than RA Lele Gx using these values and selling lower than any other pricing guides I have found. Thanks! 


(I do not check pms in game, please respond to this thread or pm me through forums to negotiate, or add me and send the trade in game.)

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okay so ra lele is worth 24 and you said you value the rr 8 packs apart so 1 ra and 4 plf will do the job if am right

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