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Need a New Deck (already have reshiplosion)


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I already have alot of cards & getting 40 codes soon as well, so wondering if anyone can give me any other fun decks to build?


Looked on sixprizes already but haven't decided which one to build...




Any Ideas? :)


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These are the decks i have had the most fun using.






Reshiboar > Reshiphlosion IMHO.


Scavenger is a REALLY fun deck.


Grass deck.(jumpluff/vileplue/sunflora/roserade)


Tyranitar prime deck (this is a Monster)


I'm currently using something of my own creation.I suppose i call it FeraliRrot(Gatr Prime and Samurrot with shell armor or w/e)It's pretty strong but zekrom decks tend to be a bad matchup with the shaymin crap.I run it with 2 zekrom and 2 reshiram.




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Thanks for your help!


I want to stay away from common decks (even though reshiplosion is), so just want something alittle different & i like the sound of the Scavenger deck!


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Tyranitar isn't very common, and it's super good as wingless mentioned.


I play one with 4 tyranitar, 2 zoroark as an alternate attacker, and 2 umbreon for the many pokemon with poke-powers or poke-bodies.


Donchamp is scarce, and you will win most games with it.


Leafeon/roserade/houndoom/hypno/venomoth/whatever other pokemon you want to use that inflict special conditions is a great deck, doing 150 damage for 1 energy.


I thought of a great lock deck, have vileplume and slowking on the bench to lock their topdeck and trainers, attack with beartic to lock their attacks, and use weaviles to discard good cards


Hope this helps.


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Try Pooka's new "bad deck"



With a little bit of work, it could actually be a fun but still sort of competitive. Not a tier 1 deck, but a solid tier 2.


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