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Hello everyone!

I've been playing pokemon trading card game online since 2014 and in 2016 i left the game.

Now i decided to go back to see how the game are now but when i look at my collection some of my cards vanished for no reason; I'm pretty sure that i didn't trade none of then because they are in use in one of my decks but suddenly they're gone and now my deck have a exclamation point in it and those cards that i lost are in black and white.

The cards are:

2 hydreigon with the hability dark impulse (from the phanton forces expansion)

2 noivern with the hability echolocation (from the furious fists expansion)

1 noivern with second bite and sonic bazooka (i don't know the expansion)


could anyone please help me?


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Hey there!


If you are missing/having trouble viewing cards in your collection please check out this link here. If you are still missing your cards afterwards then please reach out to the support team. You can open a support ticket by clicking the link in my signature. They will be able to look into this further with you.  :)

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