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My wish thread


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first wishie




#1 have a function that allows you to save a card for later viewing, usually in games i have a trusty notepad next to me frantically writing down the name of cards when i first encounter them. There should be a button during the game that allows to save a card to your wish list


#2 there should be a stat. feature that can display the percentage of each type of card, good to know if you have a fire and water, the percentage of each


if it doesn't slow the game up, any1 got a wish?




cheers thanks for all the hard work, you make a closet pokemon fan super happy =)


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regarding #1


-- Good idea, but notepad seems more than sufficient for that purpose, and probably better in some ways than an actual feature. (since you can look at it anytime without having to go to your wish list) Though it will spare you from having to look up what set the card is from.


regarding #2.


-- More specifically this could show energy requirements of your pokemon, and/or weakness and resistance of your pokemon.


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