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my pokemon team


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here is my non-legendary multi regional team




  • arieal ace
  • close combat
  • brave bird
  • retaliate

2. tyranitar


  • earthquake
  • hyperbeam
  • stone edge
  • payback



  • brave bird
  • sky upper cut
  • blaze kick
  • blast burn



  • recover
  • psychic
  • calm mind
  • shadow ball

5. weavile


  • shadow claw
  • blizzard
  • avalanche
  • dark pulse



  • pshychic
  • shadow ball
  • ice beam
  • thunder

not that all had pokerus for about 20 levels and are maked out on thoes pokemon vitiman things what do you all think?


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My legendary pokemon team is Kyurem (Just Caught;)),


Lugia (Aeroblast, Elemental Blast, Psychic pulse),


Celebi (Magical Leaf, Pure Water, Synthesis),


Blissey (Softboiled, Present, Lucky Egg),


Suicune (Crystal Water, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam),


Mew (Deevolution Beam, Psy Beam)


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