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Beginner Trade thread


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Okay, got a new pack again with a little stuff. Nothing big as I'm a beginner, but hopefully I'll be able to get some primes or other good cards thru trading eventually.






For trade:


-1 Tepig


-1 Pignite (Rollout)


-Reverse Swanna


-1 Oshawot (Razorshell)


- 1 Blitzle


- 1 Regular BW Darkness Energy.


- 1 Cottonee


-1 Darumaka


- 1 Reverse Emolga


- 1 Reverse Swoobat


- 1 Galvantula


-1 Drillbur


- 1 Ferroseed


- 1 Patrat


- 1 Watchog






Looking for...


-Good competitive cards


-Better Trainers and Supporters.


don't know exactly what more yet. I'd like to have the more competitive cards like Zek/Resh but that seems to be out of my league as of yet. LMK what you are willing to give and go on from there.


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I could offer you two EP Panpour's (collect is very good for draw power)





That looks like a nice card. But I'd like to trade for equal value. So uncommon for uncommon etc.




Also, 3 Duckletts are a bit overkill with only 1 evo in a deck, don't you think :P I think I'd only need 2.




Having 2 duckletts would be nice.




By the by, do you happen to have a 1-1 Herdier? Or 1-1-1 Soutland?


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No sorry do not have the herdier stoutland line (do you have other tradabled cards other than the cards in that pack)







Darn...Herdier is a little superior to Panpour's collect.


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got DCE? And what is the value of DCE anyways? Is there a list somewhere with a complete oversight of all cards with all their current values?


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The public trades and forums are full of predators, good deals get snapped up quickly and ruthlessly, noobs get cheated out of their cards mercilessly. It's sad but thats the way it is right now.. I advise that you keep opening packs and trade your way up, notably packs that give you the most valuable cards are in HGSS(typhlosion, donphan, etc), TM(yanmega, magnezone, mew, etc) You could easily trade 1 donphan prime for 2 full art reshiram/zekrom, the key is paying attention to card values


You can try to put an offer of 1 pack for a DCE up on public, you might get one in a couple hours or so


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