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need a few cards (and packs) to finish up my decks........


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These are the cards I trade for, along with how many "pack points" I'll give for them I WON'T GIVE PACKS FOR THESE


3 Tornadus(1 for normal, 2 for FA)


2 Rescue energy(1 for both)


1 Ability Serperior(2)


2 Servine (either one, must be in a trade with ability serperior)(1 extra if you add all the snivys and servines to a serperior)


2 Snivy (same)


I will also accept UL packs, I can take HS too and will take 1 TM in every pack purchase


Cards I can trade (not very much I'm afraid as most of my good cards are decked)


2 Ability Emboar(3 packs each)


3 Basculin w/ flail(1 pack for 3)


2 Blastoise(3 for both)


Floatzel (2 packs)


Red Gyarados (1 pack)


2 Manaphy (2 packs each)


Electivire (2 packs)


2 Hypno(1 pack)


3 Mismagius w/ poke-power(1 pack each)


Muk (2 packs)


Klinklang BW (2 packs)


Ursaring Prime


Entei & Raikou LEGEND bottom (1 pack)


2 Jirachi (2 packs each)


Lanturn Prime (4 packs)


Magnezone Prime (7 packs)


Raikou & Suicune LEGEND (2 bottom, 1 top; 2 packs each half, 3 packs for full)


2 full Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND (not trading for packs unless you give 8 for each full)


Pokemon Catcher (4 packs)
























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2 rescue


1 bw cin


1 tornadus


for catcher?



I don't need anymore Cinccinos, I got one from someone else.


Just add a card generally worth 1 pack and you're good (as long as the tornadus is FA, if not, then add another 1 pack card


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I'll give you 2 rescue energy for 2 Hypno.



I already have those from Benhell.


If the offer somehow gets rejected, then I might think about that trade.


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