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[CARD] Deoxys (ROS #33/108) - ability bug report


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Dear Pokemon TCG Online Team

I am new to the Pokemon TCG and also new to Pokemon TCG Online.
However I still think i found a bug. Please tell me if I am wrong and explain my issue.

I play the German version of the game, but i couldn't find the German forum for this.

In the game within the Gold League against Penelope (psychic and water) she uses a Deoxys(33/108).
That Deoxys seems to have two abillitys "Erste Begegnung" and "Turbosmash".
Like I said, I play the German version.
However, Deoxys is continuously using an abillity called "Unheimliche Begegnung".
The card (or any other, which was currently in the game) did not say anything of this abillity.


Thanks in advance

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First of all, your English is excellent.  :)  But to find the German version of the Forum, look at the bottom of every page (still in the white area).  If you click where it say, "English," you can change it to "Deutsch."


Here's that card in English...




I'm not sure if you would consider this a bug, but it sure seems like a translation error.


That Deoxys has a first attack called "Close Encounter" in English.  BTW, they're called Attacks, not Abilities.  An ability is a special "power" which this card doesn't have.


I think you're probably looking at the same attack, just translated differently.


Erste Begegnung = First Encounter (actually called Close Encounter)

Unheimliche Begegnung = Eerie Encounter (actually called Close Encounter)

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Thanks for your quick answer!

Ok I understand that this is a translation error and that the card does not have a third unfair attack or something like that.


I also understand the difference between attack and abillity, so thanks for that too!

Should I report this to the German forum as well?
Or will you take care of this?


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If I understood well what you're reporting, there is no bug in here.


What you say is, it's drawing cards, right? I don't know what is written in German, maybe this is the issue.


As Robratt told, it's an attack. The text (in English) reads:


[Colourless energy] If you go first, you can use this attack on your first turn. Draw 2 cards.


It's an attack with no damage and what the attack does is: Drawing 2 cards. Then ends the turn as (almost) every attack does.


In addition, it states that,  "If you go first, you can use it on first turn". And that's because, rules doesn't allow to attack 1st turn going 1st. So this specify that this attack is possible. It have some sense as you're anyway, not damaging opponent so getting 2 cards is good but it's not a clear advantage on KOing, although there are some cards that allows that (for example Latios-EX ROS58).


So, (and I checked the vid), is just doing what is supposed to do. Have 1 energy, attack, draws 2, and turn goes to you.


Would be different stating: You can use this attack only if you go first. Or, You can use this attack only in your 1st turn.




Just for you to know, although it's not a link, posting those is not allowed, unless they are official Pokémon website links. Don't know if they are going to remove it.


And just for future reference, use the Set name, this way: Deoxys ROS 33 (or Roaring skies 33) [Drachenleuchten 33]. It's easier to find any card as we don't use to know how much cards have every set (ROS is 108 without the SRs).

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Hello Trainers,


Chasista, thank you for the helpful reply!


Lumikas, does this clear things up, or do you still think there may be a bug with that card? If there is still some confusion, I can point our German-speaking moderator to this thread to assist you further, or you can submit a ticket to the German support portal. 



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What is next ?

Hello there Pamerap, 
Can you elaborate on your question that we better understand it?
Thank you!
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