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(suggestion) different ladders for different formats


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Problem: we have our playerbase divided in different formats, so there are always some people unhappy about ladder rewards.


In order to make a ladder that is good for all kinds of players, I suggest making 3 different ladders, of which the players can only choose one;


1 ladder for standard format with GX pokemon cards


1 ladder for expanded format with EX pokemon cards


1 ladder for legacy format with whatever's good in legacy


Especially newer players need good GX cards for standard, in my opinion the ladder is there to help people getting some cards for actual deckbuilding.


Then again, if there are cards on the ladder that I already have a playset of, I won't bother playing at all. So a choosable ladder would allow people to bypass that issue.


Thanks for reading. :)

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This have been widely talked around. And would be cool.


Although I can't even finish 1 ladder, some people does it quite fast and then they have no motivation to play for the rest of the days.


A bunch of ideas have been thrown to the air. 3 different ladder to make all 3. 3 different that you have to end before starting the next, choosing what you do first. 3 ladder that you can do at same time (so you can get low points prize from 3). 3 ladder and you can choose one...


My fav, just one ladder but when arriving to a card or pack reward, be able to choose between cards/packs from the 3 different formats.


Last thread about it I think is this one:





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I think you want more balanced ... EX exist in standard .., 


well maybe If the player finish the 1st star he will face only star 2 players and the same for star 3 .... 


because we can't finish 2 ladders 

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