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Most enjoyable games so far?


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I can't see a topic for this yet so I thought I'd start one.




What has been your most enjoyable games so far?






Personally, I just played against someone with a Waillord deck, (sorry, I can't remember your name) and it was one of the most interesting challenges I've had so far,




The other match i enjoyed was managingto stay in with my grass deck against a reshiram/typhlosion deck, he pulled off several smart choices with poke collector but I stuggled to make it last so that he had only three cards left to draw and one prize card left. Unfortunately, he woke up from my parasect's sleep and was set to blue flame and win, but decided to use up his hand of trainers first without checking how much time he had left. I was sat praying as his remaining minute ticked away and I won the match :)


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Most enjoyable games were the few games my deck actually shuffled properly & I had a chance of winning...


But no, seriously so far it was when I was facing some awesome deck which I believe had Tyranitar Prime in it & while it was probably inevitable that I would lose, I suck it out & made it closer then even I thought possible before the obvious result came to fruition when Tyranitar Prime became the active pokemon...


I was most likely using my "Restoration Deck" I think which is a Grass/Water Deck...


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