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LF Standard Cards / Have tons of Olds, SRs and FAs.


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Hello, it's been a while.

Im an old player and an old streamer.

I stopped playing a little before BREAKthrough


I have a good collection, lots of SRs and FAs,

but not a lot of packs (30ish packs from some old sets).

I have things like SR Ultra Ball and SR Max Potions that i want to trade.


I just want to get back to Standard. Starting out with a Golisopod GX deck i guess.

So i can grind throught the leagues and update my collection.


My Wanting List:

1 Tapu Koko

2 Garbodor 57/122
2 Garbodor 51/145
3 Golisopod GX
1 Tapu Fini GX
2 Tapu Lele GX
3 Trubbish (Acid Spray)
3 Wimpod (Wimp Out)
3 Acerola (FA)
2 Brigette (FA)
3 Choice Band (cheapest)
2 Field Blower
4 Guzma (regular art)
4 Sycamore (FA)
1 Rescure Stretcher
You can talk to me in game or check my entire list of trades there.



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