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A RL PTCG question...


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I've no experience with it, so please don't be too irritated with my lack of knowledge herein. I don't exactly know how "badges" are acquired, save that you CAN through participation in league competitions. I want to know if it's realistic to think that I might be able to obtain the Trio Badge with only one upcoming league tournament/game day left in my general area of residence; and if not, then if the Spring Battle Road will give me a second chance to obtain it.




And again, if not, if there are other ways to obtain it (realistic ones, since I'm not going to leave the state just to earn a TCG badge).








I'm sorry for posting this here, if it's in the wrong section, but I couldn't find any other section that looked like it might pertain to the REAL LIFE TCG.


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In order to answer your question, I would highly suggest taking it to support.pokemon.com and submitting a ticket to get an official answer. Thanks!


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