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Zekrom, Beedrill deck help


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Pokemon : 16




4 X weedle




3 X kakuna




3 X beedrill




2 X zekrom




2 X pachirisu




2 X shaymin




Trainers: 12




4 X communication




2 X dual ball




4 X pluspower




2 X junk arm




Supporters: 10




4 X collector




4 X juniper




2 X oak




2 X seeker




2 X judge




20 Energy: a lot but I prefer to have lots




6 Grass




14 Electric




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Beedrill is to grab Shaymin, I'm guessing? I wouldn't do it. The point of the Zekrom pachi shaymin thing is to have a first turn fully loaded Zekrom. Beedrill is gonna take some turns.




I guess it'd be useful for setting up a second Zekrom, but, eh, I'm not feeling it.


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