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Matthew's epic trades!!


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Holo rarities +



2 X Manaphy




3 X Htmontop




1 X Sudowoodo




1 X metagross and line (not steel)




1 X Drapion




1 half of a raikou, suicune legend.







4 X beedrill line


2 X kingdra




2 X crobat (shiny)




1 X Primeape line


1 X tyrogue




2 X dodrio and 3 prevolutions




1 X pidgeot


1 X Ursaring


2 X lanturn


2 X lucario (bulk up) (one shiny)




1 X roserade




4 X cincinno do the wave and 4 EP mincinno's (one shiny)







1 X shiny EP lilligant an 2 X BW prevolutions




1 X EP tackle Basculin ( shiny)




1 X shiny corsola (two non shiny)




3 X Electrode line




1 X EP Galvantula line




4 X minun




1 X plusle




2 X Magneton and 3 prevolution ( one shiny)




2 X Unown dark




1 X Machoke and prevolution




4 X Abililty Pupitar and two mountain eater larvitar




1 X EP Zorua and 1 X Zorua Promo




3 X EP Klang and 3 prevolution




3 X EP Audino




1 X EP cincinno




2 X Drogonair and 2 prevolution




3 X good dunsparce (one shiny)




1 X Lickilicky (shiny)




1 X Miltank (shiny)




4 X Porygon2 (one shiny) and 4 prevolution




1 X EP Tranquill and 1 prevolution




1 X Togetic and prevolution




1 X EP Watchdog




1 X Wigglytuff











1 X Bill


1 X black belt




2 X cheerleaders cheer (1 shiny)




5 X Emcee's chatter




1 X engineers adjustments




6 X interviewers questions




2 X Judge




4 X collector




1 X Proffessor Elm's training method




2 X Proffessor Oak's new theory




4 X Proffessor Juniiper




2 X Seeker







2 X crushing hammer




3 X dual ball (one shiny)




4 X energy returner




5 X energy search




2 X energy switch




1 X full heal




5 X good rod (1 shiny)




4 X life herb (1 shiny)




4 X max potion




2 X pluspower




3 X pokemon circulator




4 X communication




2 X potion




1 X recycle




1 X research record




2 X revive




3 X super scoop up (one shiny)




1 X switch







4 X rescue energy






Entei Raikou top









2 X Reuniclus !!




Packs(unleashed) or rare cards (make me an offer), I also have other cards.














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I have a shiny Palkia (COL). Would you be interested in trading Ursaring prime for it. If you dont like that offer I have more cards to offer.


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Beedrill for collector- no collector is worth twice as much.


Shiny palkia for Ursaring- not really intersted because in the current meta game Ursaring is better than the call of legends cards.


I would trade for


1 Catcher or 1 Crobat prime or 1 lanturn prime or 1 pachirisu or 1 shaymin or 3 packs of cards.


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I do not have rare candy but if I did rare candy is worth about a pack more than 1 rare candy anyway, or the same as 1 rare candy.


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Lanturn prime and pokemon communication for 4 cinccino BW and the RSL top?


Look at it, it OHKO's yanmega, reshiram, and donphan.


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Sorry do not need communication and cicinno's are worth two packs each so with the legend that is worth about twice as much as those cards.


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However throw in a dce and take out a communication and we have a deal, you make about a 3 to 4 pack profit.



I'll think about that. I'm in a game now, so you'll have to wait until i get out.


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So sorry but I made an offer about 6 hours ago for them and it has just been accepted, I now only have 1 cincinno left and the half legend.


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