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Trading Cards for Boosters !!!


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I'm trading the following list of cards for boosters (mainly), but I would like also to get Serperior x2 (Ability) :




Staryu x1


Misdreavus x2


Slowpoke x1


Stunky x1


Doduo x2


Makuhita x1


Murkrow x1


Pineco x1


Scyther x2


Slugma (Poke-Power) x1


Combee x1


Hitmonchan x1


Oddish x1


Mawile x1


Nidoran (female) x1


Nidoran (male) x1


Drifloon x1


Lickitung x1


Diglett x1


Cubone (Poke-Body) x1


Pidgey x1


Porygon x2


Swablu x2


Voltorb x1


Timburr (one attack) x1


Tentacool x1


Swinub x2


Tepig x1


Purrloin x1


Volbeat x1


Bronzor x1


Skorupi x1




Audino x2


Skuntank x1


Hunter x1


Gloom x1


******* x1


Lairon (take down) x1


Wailmer x1


Weepinbell x1


Alomomola x1


Scyther (one attack) x1


Magby (Poke-Body) x1


Duosion x1




Forretress (Steel) x1


Nidoqueen x1


Rotom x1


Elekid (Poke-Body) x1


Scrafty x1


Tropius x1




Palkia & Dialga Legend (Top Half) x1


Scizor (Normal) x1


Electrode Prime (Poke-Body) x1


Quagsire x1




Energy Retrival x1


Energy Search x1


Potion x4


Pokeball x1


Legend Box x1




Proffesor Juniper x2


Black Belt x1


Sage's Training x1






If I'm not online, please post any cards you want right here. Thanks!










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