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I used to run a CrobatP/DonP/Zek deck, did really well. It was like using a cheaper yanmegaP (cheaper as in easier to get).


Though i found i was using don alot more, so i got rid of crobatP. Its handy to have though its not a heavy hitter. Good to take out pokemon such as powered up scizors etc. Makes mince out of the 80hp pokemon.


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I was running a Beartic/Cinccino deck pretty much beat my opponents down into subission.




Minccino x4




Cubchoo x4


Beartic x4 (Sheer cold)


Cleffa x1


Tyrogue x1




DCE x4


Rescue Energy x3


Water energy x9




Plus power x2


Pokemon Catcher x2


Junk Arm x3


Potion x2


Pokemon comunication x3


Switch x2


Pokemon Collector x3




Professor Juniper x4


Theirs like 2 revives in their or something i can't remember the exact deck list off the top of my head but this is pretty much the list in its entirety.I'll update this post with the exact list later.It's a stage 1 deck designed to set up quickly and eat your opponent down as fast as possile.


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Ugh i hate when extremely old threads are revived. How do people even find them when theyre so far down the list?


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