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If you want to join the team or help with ideas and what not come and post here.




The purpose for the team is to help everone out with the tcg game as well as to help with deck building and testing decks


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The buildmi currently own has yanmega,donphan and zoroark, I throw in a manaphy bc its more reliable then cleffa and i have a tyrogue as well. the deck is very solid and i like it a lot.


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arent there so many different builds for that, like yanmega, zoroark, donphan, lanturn, cinccino? (and combinations of those)


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I love manaphy, I have too and I find it much better than the cleffa I have too as it has twice as much Hp and although the poke-body of cleffa is useful, it can be a hinderence, it also stops tyrogue starts.


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oh, btw i done play irl, just here, and i started playing here, so i may not have much knowledge with certain areas


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I have extra junipers if you need any, i have a bunch of supporters. but some good ones are twins,seeker,pont,collector etc. what kind of deck you trying to make


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Hey, I saw discussion about stage 1 decks, so I thought since this is a deck construction section, I'd post my build. I played it in BR, it didn't do too well, but I was just getting bad draw.


Pokemon :


3 - 3 Yanmega Prime


3 - 3 Donphan Prime


2 - 2 Zoroark


1 Tyrogue


1 Tornadus





4 Pokemon Collector


4 Pokemon Communication


4 Catcher


4 Junk Arm


3 Copycat


3 Judge




2 Juniper


2 Plus Power


2 Switch




8 Fighting




First off, no cleffa. You don't really need it. You run so many refreshers it is just kind of a waste. Instead I run a Tornadus, it seems a bit out of place at first but actually works really well with the deck and has nice synergy. If you're hurting to set up, or just happen to lead with Tornadus, it is easy to throw a DCE on him then start doing Hurricane for 80 on T2 and since you have to move basic energy to a benched pokemon it is perfect to help your Donphans/Phanpy get set up while Tornadus hands out damage. The rest of the this stage 1 build is pretty basic. You can run 1 switch instead of two, but I really like the consistancy of two, and if you get a donphan stuck in the active when it can't do anything, you're in trouble. Max Catcher and max Junk Arm simply because you're a fast deck that needs to KO things fast. Other decks can afford to run less because they need the set up time, you should be set up T2 and be ready to hand out KOs. Especially against decks that like to set up, you want to get them out of the game early. 11 Draw supporters, you could go for more, but this is a pretty solid number and works really well.


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