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Extra Trades!!!


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I have a bunch of extra cards I'm willing to part with.




2x serperior ability


1x samurott ability


1x emboar ability


2 x virizon


1x cobalion


1x Ho-oh top


1x Ho-oh bottom


1x Feraligator prime


1x Lugia top


1x ampharos prime


1x gothitelle non ability


1x Zekrom


1x reuniclus


1x Machamp prime


2x absol prime


1x terrakion


3x mandibuzz


1x blissey prime


2x boufflant


4x Junk arm


1x collector


2x PP


4x comunicator


4x juniper


8x Twins


7x seeker


5x switch


5x rescue energy












I'm not looking for anything in particualr, but I wouldn't mind any of these cards:














Beartic sheer cold






Magnazone P


Electrode prime








Kingdra prime






I Have other cards as well, so if you don't see something you like here, just ask me if I have a card and I'll go check. I also don't mind if you dont have any of the cards on the top list, Just let me know what you have and if I can help you out, I will. =)




P.S. I'm Thinking about making a team so that we can discuss starts, battle, and over all improve our game. If you're interested in that, post on here as well.


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Well mostly it would be a team were we could test the top decks as well as to help each other out. For example, I have a mewtool box deck as well as a reshiboar and a samphan deck and I'm currently working on a stage 1 deck.


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At the moment I have a zekrom deck but need 1 pachirisu to complete, I am experimenting with a Zekrom Beedrill deck at the moment which is going quite well


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sounds awesome, im currently looking for 2 pachirisu, to finish my ZSP deck. i'll be building more decks as i finish this one. How will the team communicate though, forum post or website or chat program?


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would u do


3x Electrode PRIME




2x Serperior Ability




also interested in team i have reshiphlosion set up


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I was thinking about making a fb page that everyone can just post on it.




The forum idea can work as well, up to you guys


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i actually just got that last electrodes i needed from public offers, if you need the serperiors i can trade something else for them


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oh, k, nvm then i dont have any of ur other wants, btw can any think of a good name?


Poke Brigade?, idk (just throwing stuff out there)


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