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Need Cards for Metal/Dark Deck


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Here it is


2x Klink BW


1x Klink EP


1x Klang BW


1x Klang EP


1x Klinklang BW


1x Klinklang EP


2x Skarmory


2x Aron


2x Lairon


1x Aggron


2x Zorua EitherBW Orr EP


1x Zoroark BW


1x Zoroark EP


1x Absol PRIME


2x Houndour


1x Houndoom PRIME


2x Pokemon Collector


2x Max Potion


2x Fisherman (Already have)


1x Burned Tower (Arleady Have)


1x Energy ??? (the one that puts 4 Discarded energies back in ur deck) (Arleady Have)


2x Prof Elm's Training Method


2x Interviewer's Questions


4x Special Dark


4x Special Metal


2xRescue Energy


8x Dark Energy


6x Metal Energy


If you got any of these cards.ask for a card u want,i'll see if i have it and if i do,we're trade so i can make this awesome deck


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