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Please Some Upgrade


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the versus mode is a joke:


i have a basic deck and when i try to play against a real player,


aways i need to fight players who have more than 1000 cards,lots of legends


or strange monsters and so i can't really play.


i am not saying that i don't want to be defeated,


i just want to play too!




make the versus mode to have grades:


players with legends can only fight players with legends.


players who are just starting like myself to have a place where they can play other newcommers.


and also a place where everybody can play.




also,players who win consecutive matches could get a bonus,and so they could exchange it for more cards,or someother thing.


talking aboud getting new stuff,


i think that is ridiculous that the tokens can only be used on pokemon.com.


i think that maybe players who get 100 or 200 or 500


could exchange the tokens for a booster credit :)


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maybe you would create some kind of quests where players could


win that packs with 10 cards,this could be nice :)


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Thanks for the feedback. We try and make the game fun for all, and to do this we use a matchmaking system. If you haven't played many games yet, it may not know where to match you up yet so it may place you against opponents with more time invested into thier decks. However even after you have played several games, if there is no one around your ranking, you may still be placed against a stronger opponent.


We do have some plans for making tokens more useful, as well as other fun activities for the future. We'll make sure to give all the details for that out once they are available. Thanks


Prof Proto


Centurion Moderator



"Being defeated is often a temporary condition, giving up makes it permanent."


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