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Possible Improvements ft. Deck Folder

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First i want to make clear that i love this game and i would not know what i would do without it in my free time.

I am playing now since 2016 around august. but i also played for a few months around the release of the first XY sets. back then when this game was still in beta.

while i played a lot i also thought about a lot of improvements/ added features that the game Needs.

We basic get 3-5 images of Pokemon that featured in the newest set. There is nothing wrong with it but there could be def. improvements be made eg:

  • Instead of the daily bonus box it could be a bar on the left site or the bottom site and not a "popup menu". This would make it easier to keep track of it and would fill the kinda empty site.
  • Also instead of the rare Gamestop Promos you could feature news like those on the homepage which include infos about the new set / games or competitive tournaments
  • Also a option is to have a info note panel. That could include infos about bugged cards to make players aware about those, or the content from the most recent announcement post here​
  • Information about your current challenge could be shown here too
  • Another option would be a small shop panel that shows 1 product from the shop that the user marked for want

the shop is solid especially "now" that all pack and theme decks are available in the shop
but there are a few points i want to talk about it

  • when i come back in 2016 the gameplay items were still rotating so i got a few of those but for some reason they stopped rotating them
  • also maybe some of u dont know this but there are filters on the shop and nobody uses them with a lot of theme/set they might get important but for filtering a format a "pop up" menu is not necessary there is enough space to add 4 more buttons. maybe change them to blocks instead of format which makes them more usable.

The Collection page is maybe one of the least used site for me personally. Whenever i need to check a card i most of the time just create a deck or create a trade and look at all cards.

  • small point i kinda liked to get mentioned is that i really like the Tile screen. and i only use collection for looking at cards as tiles instead of the carousel. so it would be great if u can remember the mode players used.

Deck Manager:
This Page need some real improvements.
in General the whole way how Decks are stored need to be changed.
I've been playing now for a while and if i wouldn't delete decks and dont have multiple decks for the same archetype i would be easily over 1000 decks in all formats. currently i am at 250. and i had way more at some points.

I will talk here about deck selection as well, cuz it is kinda part of the deck manager even tho its not really here.
I hate that the choose deck is so inconsistent: u cant search a deck when selecting a deck. when i want to do a friend battle i have to sometime scroll through all 250 decks cuz i can't filter by anything other than a type but if u want to play ur Lunala deck(not really competitive but a good example) that is mono psychic, u will try to filter by psychic but most standard and expanded decks have psychic cuz off Tapu Lele-gx. if u could search by name this wouldn't be a problem. this is the minimum i want. but i personally have a better option.

The Option I want to present is a folder system.
a player should be able to use folder to sort and organize his decks. that way ppl can keep decks and keep their sanity. I would love to play "older formats" with friends eg i want to play the format of the first intercontinental in europe where ytal garb was meta. but with a folder system u can have your decks organized in a great way.
my examples are for a folder depth of 2:

  • 1st Layer Format
  • 2nd Layer Deck archetype
  • here u can have multiple ZoroPod decks with keeping them organized.

if u can open folders while choosing decks this would be heaven ppl love to build decks and doing multiple versions helps a lot too

there are only a few things i want to improved and those are mentioned a lot.

  • redo trades that expired/get accepted
  • show both sides of expired trades
  • marking all cards for trade
  • unmarking all card for trade/review
  • adding a card importance that cards that on that tag be on top of trades( to prevent the hidden beach in gym badges and similar stuff)
  • make trades not appear on public trades(i don't like this)
  • filter posts from specific trader(i also don't like this)

i sorted them the way i want them

Trainer Challenge:
I can't really talk a lot about them cuz i am never there and i played them before they got slightly played i can only recommend but i still recommend newer players to do them cuz it's a good way to learn the key mechanics of the game.

Players want a real ranked system.

Ladder is good and fine but player want a real Ranked cuz after u finished the ladder its worthless to play. (this is written while Brook is at the ladder and they announced changes at ladder rewards)

I assume the game has to less players to make this a real thing so i can't really blame the game for not having it which is sad. Important is just that i can get a way to search my deck better cuz atm it's a pain to scroll through all your decks.


  • Give us Legacy back. there are ppl that didn't mind playing waiting for legacy cuz it's a blast to play
  • Give us Coin tournaments. once u finished the ladder and have no tokens u cant really play for anything. also Coin tournaments are great for streamers cuz viewer and streamer can join them at the same time and playing for tickets is to much risk to play and most of the time u cant play them cuz u dont have them.
  • i heard a lot that ppl dont like that there is only random packs but i think that's not such a big issue. BUT only if tournaments are like at recent set releases only the new set. so it's easier to join.

I have no clue about it cuz i just rushed it cuz i knew how to play it already

Quick Matches:
i don't think people even use this thing i totally forget it especially cuz u could just click the test deck button in the deck manager.(there it's used a few times to see a few dummy hands(please let us instant concede in this mode and don't let us wait the whole npc turn))

I personally don't have the issue yet but i am moderating for several content creators and they all have the issue that they reached the 250 friends cap. the problem with it is that those cant have viewer battles and trade with their viewers. Players that promote the game shouldn't be limited.

  • If resource is really limited at least make ppl request a extended friends list on your site which is a soft solution.

In game:

is not my idea but i forgot whose but it's in the forums so shout out to the person.
make Player have a settings option how they want their chat inga should be 3 options:

  • 1st: No Chat( no chat interaction at all not even the emotes and the canned chat)
  • 2nd: Canned Chat
  • 3rd: Open Chat

The chat should be the lowest option of the 2 players in the game.

Another idea i "stole" is to be able to still chat with your friends while you are in a game.

Lobby chats:
Make people aware how to show the set symbols and the types instead of the premade chats that nobody uses.
this is a moderation thing but don't time out ppl that talk about selling cards cuz they mean trading cards for packs 99,9% of the time.

In game:
i could talk about a lot of cards that could be improved. but i dont i just say that this game is not really consistent with how interaction works
also there are 2 mechanics that are really annoying to deal with those 2 i want to mention:

1st moving damage:

Moving Damage is so annoying u always need to click every single damage counter and place it where u want. sure it's the easiest way to implement it with the lowest risk to break it but it's definitely not user friendly. if u could decide how much u want to move at once this is getting way easier.

2nd Exeggcute PLF 4

Make it possible to choose how many eggs u want to use at once. it's not the case to prevent bad interaction cuz u try to do stuff parallel which should not be the case but it should be possible to prevent/check for those interactions.


Change the way how decks are organized and make the game more user-friendly instead developer-friendly. i am a software developer myself i understand why certain things are like they are but as user it's still annoying.

While i was looking at everything in game i joined trade post ingame what i normaly dont do. And saw someone i know from a while ago from a content creating site but havent seen him around for a while. and i got a 7 day suspension for a statement that i never said and would have said.

Thats also a important point before u time players out / ban them check if it really is i heard from several players that it happened to them too some even quit cuz off it.

I know its against TOS to complain about bans and timeout and i am not intending to do. i am just saying that timeouts and bans are not executed correctly

formating because coping out to google doc and coping back messed up the formating 

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Great post. Thanks for organizing your ideas so well. I will make sure the development team are aware of this thread. 

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