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cards for packs?


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Here's a list of a few things I'm willing to part with. The number in parentheses is the number of packs I am willing to trade each card for. I'm particularly looking for either pack codes, or EPO packs and B/W packs






<div>Thunderus - regular (3)</div>

<div>Tornadus - regular (3)</div>

<div>Blissey prime (3)</div>

<div>Cobalion (2)</div>

<div>Donphan G/S (1)</div>

<div>Zoroark - night daze (1)</div>

<div>grandbull g/s (1)</div>

<div>igglybuff g/s (1)</div>

<div>persian g/s (1)</div>

<div>Sawsbuck EP - takedown (1)</div>

<div>Maractus (1)</div>

<div>Lilligant - petaldance (1)</div>

<div>Sandslash G/S (1)</div>

<div> </div>


<div> </div>

<div>Pokemon Communication g/s (2)


Bianca (1)


Moomoo milk (1)


Professor Juniper (1)


Super Scoop Up (1)


revive (1)</div>

<div> </div>





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