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Metagross Swap


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Metagross Swap



24 Pokemon:


3-3-2 Metagross


2-2 Muk


3-3 Espeon (Call for Family Eevees)


1-1 Zoroark (the good one with 60 HP Zorua)


2x Reshiram


1x Shaymin


1x Cleffa




20 Trainers


4x Oak


3x Juniper


2x Collector


2x Seeker


1x Elm




4x Communication


2x Great Ball


2x Pokegear




16 Energy




12 Psychic




Free retreat for everyone. It was 3-3 Muk, but I got tired of getting stuck with useless grimers and it comes out fairly quick anyway, so I decided to test out 2-2 Muk with tech Zoroark. Works ridiculously well. Muk's Sludge move for P is annoying and costly to retreat for most. This deck is actually preforming amazing and surprise Shaymin allows for big Metagross plays. I considered tech Mismagius, but i preferred zoroark as an all encompassing tech since the deck lacks a solid hitter until Mewtwo Ex case, in which this deck would be vastly different anyway.......


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