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Making it Easier to Get the Cards You Want


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Hello Trainers!
We’re working to make it easier to get the cards you want with the following plans:

  • Bring all Booster packs and Theme Decks from all expansions to the Shop.
  • Streamlining Tournaments by removing the weekly rotation and improving rewards.
  • Improve Versus Ladder Rewards with more Trainer Tokens, Tournament Tickets, and Booster Packs.
  • Improve Daily Versus Rewards.

Log into the Pokémon TCG Online today and you can see the first changes to implement these improvements.  Additional changes in our March and April updates will finish the rest.
The Shop:

Booster packs and Theme Decks from the XY series and Sun & Moon series are all in the Shop.

All Black & White series and HeartGold & SouldSilver series booster packs and Theme Decks will be coming to the Shop in future updates.
With everything from all expansions planned to be included in the Shop, we are discontinuing the use of Weekly Shop Bundles.


Tournaments for Standard, Expanded and Theme are now always available. 
Tournament booster pack rewards are now always random, but include significant additional Trainer Token rewards.  For example, first place rewards for the Standard 8 ticket tournament event now include:
1st Place Standard 8 Ticket Rewards:
·         6 random boosters from expansions in the Standard format
·         400 Trainer Tokens. 
With those Trainer Tokens, you can immediately go to the Shop and obtain 2 boosters from whatever expansion that you are interested in.
Legacy format tournaments and tournaments for token entry have been discontinued due to current low participation.  It is never fun to sit in a tournament queue, only to wait and wait, never having the needed 8 people to start. These may return in the future, once we see how these changes impact the game.

Daily Versus Rewards:

Trainer Token amounts in the Daily Versus Rewards have been increased. 
With everything coming to the Shop, it will now be easier to turn Trainer Tokens into the booster packs that you want to expand your collection. 

Note: Special Challenges

The use of Special, time limited Challenges are being re-evaluated.  We do not have plans to run them in the near future.  Daily challenges are not changing and you will see those continue.

Note: Versus Ladder 

Look for changes to the Versus Ladder Rewards in future ladders.

We are excited to bring these changes to you!
What do you think?  Please join us on the Feedback Forum (note: you must be logged in to view or post to the Feedback Forum).

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