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Dinmor3's Trade List (Cards Only)


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Typhlosion x 3


Reshiram (no fa) <strike>x2</strike> x1


<strike> Cleffa x1</strike>


Pokemon Collector x1


<strike> Pokemon Reversal x3</strike>




2 Defender




Offering In No Order:


Jumpluff Holo




2 x Arcanine


1 x Arcanine Holo


Magamortar Holo (110hp)


Emboar (ability)


Red Gyrados






Kyogre Holo


Lugia Legend Top X3


Lugia Legend Bottom


Entei & Raikou Top


Raikou & Suicune Bottom




Suicine Holo


Electrode Prime x1




Dialga Holo


Celebi Holo (plus x2 normal Celebi)


Umbreon Holo x2 (both arts)


Spiritomb Holo


Spiritomb normal


Rare Candy


Legend Box


Thundurus RH


Machamp Prime x 2


Aggron x 2


Scizor Prime


Magnezone Prime


Zekrom x 1


Zoroark Holo


Riachu Prime


+ Many more


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My Typhlosion prime


for your


Deoxys, Dialga, Legend box, Suicune, Kyogre, Virizion, Entei&Raikou top, CoL Umbreon, Magmortar, Raichu Prime


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@ Gotaway - Thanks for the offer however i value typthlosion at far less


@ Kuminitsu - Choose from the list ;) (id value cleffa + 3 reversals at around 1 n 1/2 boosters if that helps)


@ Touko - Yes, ill be on tomorrow to trade :)


@Skypoo - Sorry collector isn't worth emboar unless you add alittle


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