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Trading 11 packs (any kind)


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I have 11 credits, so I can trade you any pack. I also have a full art Tornadus, reverse holo Zoroark, 3 Cincinnos, and Junipers to trade. I want the following cards:




3 Gothitelle


2 Reuniclus


2 Duosion


2 Solosis


2 Serperior


2 Pichu


1 Zekrom




4 Rare Candy


2 Catcher


3 Twins


1 Sage's Training




Thanks in advance - post your offers.


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I believe I made the offer for 2 packs per serperior first, I'm online right now and if you happen to need just 1 thats fine too (:




I prefer TM packs


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