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today's scheduled maintainece


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erm....jus now i came back to check if its over and got a pop-up.


its says the terms n condition and im chosen for beta.IS this some error/bug?


cos i dont wanna loose my cards,its from the reward programme (ie play certain hr = free certain packs) and not the free test packs....


i clicked accpect or smthg and the overlaying screen went away,hope i dont loose my cards...




edit: i know they would erase those free packs and that was long time ago,so i dont know if this msg is a bug or what cos it wouldnt let me sroll to reveal the "accepted" button fully. im worried its some loophole and will cause it to delete my cards....any advice from pokemon team?


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Don't worry about the new EULA that pops up, its may pop up from time and time again when it has been updated, but nothing will happen to your cards unless we've given previous notice. Thanks!


Prof Proto


Centurion Moderator



"Being defeated is often a temporary condition, giving up makes it permanent."




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