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Kugz's Kards - Trading my cards for Boosters :)


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I have a bunch of cards for trade, let me know if you see anything you like :) after booster packs


I'll update every day or so when I have new cards, always buying boosters!






1x Suicine and Entei TOP


2x Palkia and DIalga BOTTOM


1x Palkia and Dialga TOP


1x Lugia BOTTOM


1x Darkrai and Cres BOT


1x Darkrai and Cres TOP


1x Ursaring PRIME


1x Scizor PRIME


1x Houndoom PRIME


1x Electrode PRIME


1x Absol PRIME




1x Xatu RH


1x Spiritomb (Ability)


1x Solrock RH (Ability)


3x Samurott (2x Holo 1x Normal [No Ability])


3x Rapidash (Ability)


1x Quagsire


1x Mamoswine


1x Excadrill (Drill Run)


1x Espeon (Solar Suggestion) (also one RH)


1x Emboar (Ability)


1x Drapion


1x Celebi RH (No Ability)


1x Bellossom (Ability)


1x Azumarill


1x Arcanine


1x Weezing


1x Weavile (Ability)


1x Wailord


1x Ursaring


1x Unfezant


2x Tyranitar (Non Ability Holo and RH)


2x Torkoal (Ability)


2x Throh


1x Skarmory


1x Stoutland


2x Sharpedo


2x Scrafty (Holo and RH)


1x Roserade (Ability)


1x Primeape RH


2x Pidgeot


1x Pichu (Baby Ability)


1x Ninetales (No Ability)


1x Nidoqueen


1x Meganium (No Ability)


1x Maractus (Constant Rattle)


3x Magmortar (2 Holo 1 RH)


1x Lunatone


1x Lucario


2x Leavanny (1x Nurturing + 1x Triple Cutter)


1x Lapras


2x Krookodile (Ability)


1x Kricketune


1x Klingkland (no ability)


3x Kingdra


4x Golduck (1 RH 3 Holo ABILITY)


1x Excadrill (Earthquake)


1x Dragonite


3x Elekid


1x Furret RH


4x Ditto (Ability)


1x Crobat


3x Carvine


1x Bronzong


1x Banette


1x Ambipom








3x Twins


3x Switch


2x Super Scoop Up


2x Seeker


1x Sages Training


1x Ruins of Alph


5x Revive


3x Rescue Energy


1x Recyle


1x Rare Candy




5x Juniper




3x Poke. Comm.


1x Poke Circulator


3x Pokegear 3.0


1x Pokedex


2x Special Metal Energy


1x Max Potion


1x Life Herb


4x Junk Arm


1x Judge


5x Interviewers Questions


4x Full Heal


3x Indigo Plateau


3x Energy Retreieval


3x Energy Returner


1x Energy Exchanger


2x Emcee's Chatter


1x DCE


5x Cheren


1x Cheer Cheer


1x Burned Tower


1x Black Belt






Have lots of Uncommon/Common cards too - My binder is open quite a bit, so let me know if there's something you like :)






Just let me know what you want, and what you're offering :)








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