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Popandbop's Trading Thread


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Hello everyone! I have been looking for alot of cards lately, and so this is the way to get them.


* Idicates foil


^ Idicates Pokepower


> Idicates Poke-body


Ask if I have commons/uncommons, and I hope we'll make a deal!


Also, I like boosters too.


I round up if you pay with boosters.






Emboar Ability


Junk Arm






Magnezone Prime


Kingdra Prime




Gengar Prime


Rare Candy


Pokemon Catcher










Primes & LEGENDS:


Ho-oh Bottom (1 pack)


Ampharos Prime> (2 packs)


Darkrai&Cresslia Bottom (2 pack)




Zoroark* (EP) (1 pack)


Cobalion* (3 packs)


Drapion* (1 pack)


Umbreon* (1 pack)


Blastoise^ (4 packs)


Krickutune (1 packs)


Tropius* (1 pack)


Darmantian (1 pack)


Simipour (1 pack)


Dugtrio (1 pack)


Honchkrow (1 pack)


Stoutland (1 pack)


Cinccino (3 packs)


Ursaring (2 packs)


Lucario (UL) (1 pack)


Thunderrus FA (4 packs)


Trainers, Items, Supporters, Stadiums:


Energy Retrival x2 (1 pack for both)


Energy Search x2 (1 pack for both)


Energy Switch (0.5 pack)


Good Rod (1 pack)


Max Potion (2 packs)


Pokemon Catcher* (3.5 packs)


Pokemon Circulator (0.5 pack)


Pokemon Coumication (0.5 pack)


Revive x2 (1 pack for both or 0.5 packs for 1)


Switch x4 (2 packs for all, 1 pack for 2)


Black Belt (2 packs)


Cheerleaders Cheer (1 pack)


Cheren (2 packs)


Emcee's Chatter (1 pack)


Flower Shop Lady (3 packs)


Judge x2 (1 packsfor 1)


PETM x2 (1 is foil) (0.5 pack)


Thats my collection. Again, ask for commons/uncommons.






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I have gengar prime and some tepigs and pignites and junk arms


Im mostly interested in your pokemon catcher and a little in Ampharos Prime.




I also have magnezones but do you have anything else to offer for them?


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@Lighterfluid123: Catcher for Magnezone Prime?


@bluebluetrainer: I have Regular Kingdra, I only need Kingdra Prime.


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4/3 Magnemite for Your Zoroark


How's that sound?



I only need 3 magnemite and no Magneton.


3 commons is not worth a holo rare.


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You know you want the catcher.



how many packs for the catcher?





For future reference, I have all the booster prices that I think fair on the front page.


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