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A few cards for trade


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You can send me a trade in game or through here. Would prefer packs (so I can make a good deck) but I'll take some cards, even though I don't have any real wants.




Currently what I have for trade:


Ninetails (Roast Reveal)








Darkrai/Cres top legend




Groudon/Kyogre bottom legend


Alph Lithograph


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Like I said, I'm unsure (and of some values, but I have a general idea based on whats been posted here and in the game of what a card is generally worth).


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Thats the problem, don't exactly have enough cards to make a variant of anything, but if you have a rare or pack I don't mind giving it a look. Chances are I'll just get a pack for Ninetails from the online (have a pending trade but trying to see what spiritomb is worth).


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