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Looking for 2 Beartic.


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Hi there, I'm looking for 2 Beartic (the holo one) either holo or reverse I don't really care, and I have some stuff for trade, tell me if you like something and make me some offers. :) Don't have packs atm, so don't ask for them. And I also need 3 Judges, but trading for those later.


For trade:


Celebi Prime


Butterfree (reverse)


Whimsicott (encore)


Sawsbuck (BW)


Jumpluff (reverse)




Darmanitan (BW)


HO-OH (Call of legends)


Ninetales (heat acceleration)


Alomomola (BW)




















Scolipede (EP & BW)


Excadrill (EP HOLO)


Excadrill (EP)


Dugtrio (Reverse)


Hitmontop (reverse)




Liepard (BW)


Mandibuzz (EP reverse)




Braviary (Reverse EP)


Umbreon (holo call of legends art)


Jirachi (holo call of legends art)


Metagross (holo psy)


Dialga & Palkia legend bottom




Torterra (reverse)




Also have lots of commons/uncommons just ask for them here if you need some I may have for trade.


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When you enter to the trading system, there are 3 tabs to your right; BINDERS, NEW TRADE, OFFERS. Click on Binders, and add the cards you're willing to trade, and I can look for your name on new trade and send you an offer for the cards you have there. :)


Or look for my name in New Trade, I have Ho-Oh in my binder already.


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Now let me look for you, and send you an offer. You can check the offers sent to you in OFFERS tab, and then TO ME tab.


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I'm sorry that's the wrong Beartic :\


I'm looking for the one who has Sheer Cold attack. And is also from Emerging Powers, don't you have that one?


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