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Goodbye, Miiverse.

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As many of you know, Nintendo is permanently closing the Miiverse today. We will miss it greatly.

I only really started using the platform a few months ago, but I quickly became a fan. There's a strange charm to the way it's impossible to carry on a conversation, and they the people you speak to one moment are completely different from those conversing the next. But all good things must end.

Cue Don McLean.

A long long time ago

I can still remember how

That miiverse used to make me smile

And I knew if I had my chance

That I could make those people dance

And maybe they'd be happy for a while

But then November made me shiver

With every paper I'd deliver

Bad news on the doorstep

I couldn't take one more step

I can't remember if I cried

When I read about his widowed bride

Something touched me deep inside

The day the miiverse died


Bye, bye Miss American Pie

Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry

And them good ole boys were drinking ******* and rye

Singin' this'll be the day that I die

This'll be the day that I die

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I actually laughed out loud ;)

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