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Want to trade for Vulpix Cards


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They've always been my favorite, Vulpix, and so I'm looking to trade for the cards that I don't have or the ones that I enjoy the artwork of. I have quite a few cards that I don't mind trading off. I only play with the Themed decks and so nearly all the non deck cards are up for trade. 


This is my first time using the forums so I'm unaware of how exactly this goes, but if you have some to trade feel free to post here or add me on the TCG and send a trade my way.


What I want:







Some things up for trade:


Holo Alolan Raichu

Holo Ampharos

Holo Full art Azumarill

Reverse Holo Beautifly

Reverse Holo Blaziken

Holo Cofagrigus ( Plasma )

Holo Deoxys

Holo Dragalge

Holo Full art Entei

Japanese Exeggutor ( ? Didn't know I had this )

Holo Feraligatr

Holo Heatran


And way more.

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iv sent friend request

have a look at my trade folder and see if there are any cards you need and send me a trade offer for what you want

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