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Gauten's Trading Thread


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I have some cards I want to trade for booster packs, I might also accept trades for other cards. If you want many cards I can give you a discount. I have multiple cards for some of them, so if you need more than one of the same card just ask me in a post if I got more.




All the listed cards is the "best" version. Eks. "Typhlosion" is Typhlosion Prime, "Emboar" is Emboar (Ability).










I have (price)


  • Typhlosion (4)
  • Emboar (3)
  • Ninetales (2)
  • Donphan (6)
  • Gengar (3)
  • Gothitelle (3)
  • Reuniclus (2)
  • Magnezone (6)
  • Zekrom (3)
  • Lanturn (3)
  • Thundurus FA (2)
  • Celebi (1)
  • Beartic (2)
  • Kingdra (5)
  • Tyranitar (4)
  • Feraligatr (2)
  • Blissey (1)
  • Cleffa (1)
  • Full Suicune & Entei Legend (5)
  • Pokemon Catcher (3)







If you want anything check my binder and offer me in game, if you do that I'd like Triumphant packs. Or else you can say what you want here and we'll figure it out.


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i tested my deck and the deck ran well with out it, but thanks. I could use a sam with ability but ill make the trade what packs did you want?




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I need Vileplume line atm. So I will offer a Reinuclus + one of the following cards, 1. Reinuclus 2. Ninetales 3. Celebi 4. Cleffa, for a full Vileplume line + an extra Oddish.


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Oh, I managed to put a post at the same time as you did, my last post was not a response to you. :)


I dont really need a Deoxys, sorry. I'll put my binder up if you want to take a look.


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