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Game Froze


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My opponent started drawing for their turn when the server suddenly froze. The 15 second warnings popped up once for each player, and we were each able to send one emoji before that stopped functioning too. The game is still running if you need any more data.


Also, the concede button is grayed out and unclickable.


Sending a friend request works.


Game log: a website <Control + V>bin with ID r1hjAyW8. Replace the <Control + V> with what you think it means.


Stuff for devs:

Versions Data:
Client Version:
Server Version:
Bundles Version: 1569
Archetypes Bundle Version: 6957
Localization Bundle Version: 6973
Current Game ID: 9a90d030-bc65-11e7-847e-22000afe5cce
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