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Trade Time for cards and packs


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I have:




1 X Donphan Prime-2X both Phanphy


1 X Ursaring Prime


1 X Lanturn Prime




1 XCleffa


1 XTyrogue


Notable pokemon:


1X Blastoise


4 X Cincinno do the wave and 4 Ep mincinno's


1 X Dodrio


1 X Manaphy


1 X Reuniclus-2X all prevolutions


1 X Vileplume-2X all prevolutions


1 X Crobat (shiny)-two basic prevolution




1 X collector


2 X judge




3 X catcher


4 X communication


5 X max potion


2 X junk arm




4 X rescue energy


And lots of others- just ask. I trade for packs of triumphant packs or unleashed packs or good cards.




Yanmega Prime


Kingdra Prime




Rare candy


Donphan prime


Triumphant boosters








and other good cards












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I have Holo Arcanine, Growlithe, Meowth, Persian, Sentret, Koffing, Sandshrew,Metapod and Energy Switch.I need Donphan Prime. Can we make a deal?


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Rabikitten45@- Jirachi's good but i will need to get some other cards before i trade for it, if I do catcher does seem a bit steep.


Niko123@- Sorry I don't need any of those cards for my deck at the moment


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don't have it but probably unlikely, if you want to trade with me for it ,it might be easier to trade for items or supporters or groups of common pokemon


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What else would you take for the same deal? My Jirachi had gotten accepted yesterday in a trade, and I didn't remember about it sorry


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I have:




Secret Rare Pikachu


Donphans x4 Non prime




Manidbuzz BW




Klingklang line




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