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Returning after a year


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- Pokemon GX is the new thing.

- Value of RoS packs have drop.

- Chance of burning effect

- Giant forest banned from expanded

- Archeops banned

- Guardian Ringe is the new RoS packs.

- Pokemon beach price sky rocket

- Old theme decks is comming back on rotation

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- Another crazy good Gardevoir card

- Another good (in expanded) Darkrai card

- Another generic Charizard card that OHKOes everything for ocean liner-loads of energy

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Whats the current meta? And popular decks?


  • Drampa GX-Garbodor
  • Espeon GX-Garbodor
  • Golisopod GX-Garbodor
  • Fire decks around Ho-Oh GX, Salazzle GX and Volcanion EX.
  • Gardevoir GX


  • Various powered-up Standard decks, particularly Garbodor varients
  • Night March/MarshMarch
  • Double/Triple Darkrai
  • Occasionally Item lock, but thankfully it's no longer as popular.

In short, to sum up the entire meta, look up the Guardians Rising Garbodor, and spend about 3 minutes staring at its first attack.

Tapu Lele GX is the card you want right now for any deck, it's old Mewtwo EX with Jirachi EX's Ability.

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